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Youcosmetics is a Spanish company dedicated to create and develop high quality products at the best price, in the field of perfumery and cosmetics.

Meet us

Have you considered offering your customers your own brand of cosmetics or accessories?

The private label service allows you to have your own brand of cosmetic products or accessories.

  • Latest generation, current and fashionable product.
  • We have a Technical and Regulatory team that can advise you on every legal issue. We take care of everything if necessary: product tests, notifications, cosmetic dossiers, etc.
  • Fast and adaptable service. You can design a custom collection.
  • Effective. Turnkey product from conception, production and delivery...

You choose among our formulations, packaging, materials, decorative elements, hair types, POS, labels and any other element you want to incorporate into the product that best fits your project.

Private Label