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Who we are

Youcosmetics is a Spanish company dedicated to create and develop high quality products at the best price, in the field of perfumery and cosmetics.

Youcosmetics is characterized by combining creativity and design to meet all the needs of our customers.

Founded by professionals with more than 35 years of experience, in little more than ten, we have become market leaders.

A successful company

Our production volume of brushes led us to open a factory in China. With the same manufacturing method and the same quality of raw materials that we have in Europe. Our team in Asia has been trained by the same professionals who lead our team in Spain.

In toiletries and hair accessories, we have the latest fashion trends and make them available to our customers. News, innovation and knowledge of trends in the different products.

The different color lines are created entirely at our headquarters, from the design of the packaging to the image and name of each collection. The packaging process of all our color products is carried out in facilities that are pioneers in the integration of people with functional diversity, providing employment for more than 75 employees. A social work with which we have been collaborating for more than 10 years.

How we did it

We are the manufacturers of the brand preferred by women in our territory, and we know that there are reasons for this:

Our values

We know that our products are really good and we want to make them available to more women. We work always thinking about the client because we have vocation to always surpass ourselves to surprise him with novelties and to offer him the best products at the best prices.


We emphasize our constant concern for the safety and quality of the products we launch to the market. We comply with each and every one of our obligations to achieve the desired goal.


Our principles are always based on sincerity, consistency and justice. We treat our customers, suppliers and employees as we would like to be treated.


Satisfying the customer is our first priority. We are always looking to improve ourselves in order to surprise with new products and to offer the best products at the best prices.

Our focus is always on the customer

And we can offer the best quality at the best price, thanks to our process and production optimization system in China.

Our values, our work philosophy and our production systems make us extremely competitive.

One example is that every month we produce a brand new collection of nail polish for 1650 stores. We are prepared to give our customers more and better performance, wherever they are.

Do you know anyone else who can give you that much customization?

Our Team

Our products, made with care and in some cases almost handmade, are conceived with the greatest care from the idea until they reach our final customer.

And if we want to be honest, and be the best possible version, we have to know very well what we are talking about. Our team is an expert in 2-year trends, which allows us to be continuously creating products that excite our customers.

Our History

From its beginnings in 2005 until now YOUCOSMETICS has evolved joining creativity with design, always covering all the needs of our customers becoming the best option in the field of perfumery and cosmetics.

  • Every month we produce a brand new collection of nail polish for more than 1600 stores. The market share of nail varnish is 44% while the market share of treatment is 55%. Every day we continue to improve in order to offer the best products on the market.
  • The YouCosmetics catalogue is growing again and incorporating nail polish. The different color lines are created entirely at our headquarters and in facilities that are pioneers in the integration of personnel with functional diversity.
  • We opened new facilities and moved from Cornellá to Gava. The modern offices are the perfect place for our workers to develop the best ideas for the different projects.
  • YouCosmetics continues to grow and makes the latest fashion trends available to our customers. The product range is growing and we are adding hair accessories. In the same year we also became suppliers of Mercadona. The brand is present in all its shops and we serve 150 products every day to more than 1.600 points of sale. Our production systems allow us to create exclusive collections for our clients with their own image and unique products, designed for them.
  • The company takes the international leap and opens a production plant in China supervised by José Antonio Caparrós. The manufacturing procedures are the same as in Spain to guarantee top quality results. The factory is located near the city centers to make the life of the workers easier, thus becoming a reference company in the Asian country.
  • YouCosmetics is born, a family company with the mission to create high quality products at the best market price in the field of cosmetics and perfumes. All our products are manufactured with care by passionate and expert professionals. In the same year, the product range was extended to include beauty accessories and toiletries.
  • We became suppliers of Mercadona, leader of the supermarket segment in Spain. This achievement allowed us to take a big jump that helped us to grow and become one of the reference brands in the cosmetic sector in the whole country.
  • After her time as Commercial Director in other companies, Marta Juanmiquel founded her first company of hand-made brushes and paintbrushes. This company would lay the foundations of what in the future would be You Cosmetics.