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This summer’s big colour: Soft Yellow

Each time of year, season or fashion has certain colours associated with it. And what if we told you what the trendiest colour is going to be between now and October? And what if we also revealed the You Cosmetics collection that is inspired by this colour? Intrigued?… Keep reading!

Take note because the big colour this year is yellow. It has replaced violet and become the number one colour, or, to be precise, Soft Yellow has, its most delicate shade. Its coolness is perfect for the summer and its association with happiness, joy and optimism makes it the ideal colour for this season.

And do you know what’s best of all? This shade is easier to combine than it would seem. As we’ve said, it’s the softest and most delicate shade of yellow, so it could become an all-purpose colour.

Ideal for jackets or blazers for the coolest summer nights; skirts, trousers or shorts for evening strolls; or tops, shirts, blouses, dresses and T-shirts for any occasion. And that’s not to mention accessories, which have also adopted yellow as their colour of the summer: handbags, earrings, shoes, swimsuits or bikinis, bracelets, necklaces and foulards. What do you think? Will you be making space for yellow in your wardrobe? We’re sure that if you try it, you’ll fall deeply in love with this shade.

At You Cosmetics, we have our own style, but never ignore the latest trends. That’s why we have launched a collection of cosmetics bags inspired by the colour of the summer. We’re sure that you’ll love our new collection. Discover and start falling in love with it at #softyellow 😉