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Non-occlusive nail polish, which creates a film that is permeable to both air and water, allowing the nail to “breathe”. It contains UV filters to prevent yellowing, and a formulation with a balance of selected solvents and plasticizers to achieve good drying time, durability and flexibility.


COLOUR: Nail polish that offers high coverage while maintaining its permeable properties. Possibility to formulate any colour..

  • Creates a non-occlusive layer that is permeable to air and water, allowing the nail to “breathe”.
  • It features an innovative resin complex composed of advanced oxygen resin.
  • Contains a patented advanced oxygen technology specific plasticiser for a more flexible coating, increasing impact resistance.
  • The added UV filter maintains colour and prevents yellowing.
  • Thanks to a careful balance of solvents the drying time is ultra fast.

BASE AND TOP COAT: Base and Top Coat formulated both to protect bare nails (base coat) and to give shine and seal the manicure (top coat), allowing a good transpiration.

  • Formulated on the basis of an advanced oxygen technology resin.
  • Non-occlusive layer, permeable to water, steam and air that allows the nail to “breathe”.
  • UV filter to prevent discolouration.
  • Helps manicure last longer.

Steps to follow

COLOUR: It is recommended to apply a base coat first.
Apply a 1st coat and let dry, then apply a 2nd coat for more coverage.
A Top Coat can be applied to prolong the duration of the manicure.

Base: Apply before manicure on clean nails (protection against yellowish stains).
Top Coat: Apply one coat on top of nail polish (seals the colour and prolongs the duration).


The Top Coat must be used with any of the colours that make up this collection to obtain the desired results.