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Color & care

Color formula (matte, satin or plain color) that offers a quality finish and also provides nutrition for nail care.


Nail polish formulated to offer great colour coverage while actively caring for the nails. Possibility to formulate any colour.

  • Multi-action complex formulated with AHA’S, strengthens, restores and rejuvenates the nail surface.
  • With beneficial fruit molecules.
  • Luxurious coverage with long-lasting, rich shine.
  • Chipping resistance and improved tipwear resistance for 5 days.

Steps to follow

  • Apply one coat and once the enamel is completely dry apply a second one and let it dry.
  • It is advisable to apply a gloss base to achieve a brighter effect.

Recommended products

We recommend applying one of our ALL IN ONE, B.B.NAILS or NATURAL BASE to protect the nails before applying the colour.

Finally, we recommend applying our TOP COAT to protect and give shine.