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An “essential” line with infinite shades, its simplified formula combines good drying time, easy application and good durability.


Basic formula that achieves the perfect blend of optimal drying time with easy application and high coverage in two coats.

  • Solvent balancing to increase volatility and speed up drying time considerably.
  • Dual resin complex [polyester + acrylic] at a high concentration for better adhesion of nail polish and prolonged wear.
  • UV filter made of ethacrylene to prevent discolouration and yellowing.
  • Ultra long wear: 95.3% intact after 6 days, unusual performance for such a fast drying time.

Steps to follow

We recommend the use of a previous base, after letting the base dry apply a layer of the enamel, and if we want more coverage apply a second layer letting dry between the two.

Recommended products

We recommend applying one of our ALL IN ONE, B.B.NAILS or NATURAL BASE to protect the nails before applying the colour.

Finally, we recommend applying our TOP COAT to protect and give shine.