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Fast drying

Formula that is characterized for being of fast drying, since on having applied it it dries in approximately one minute giving brightness equal to any other type of formula.


Ultra fast drying nail polish with excellent finish. Possibility to formulate any colour.

  • High dry extract content for great fill.
  • Combination of resins (polyester+acrylic) that enhance shine.
  • Prevents glaze chipping, ensures a strong and flexible coating.
  • Easy application with long lasting shine.

Steps to follow

Select the color you like best and apply a layer, let it dry for a minute and apply a second one to obtain a better result.

Recommended products

We recommend applying one of our ALL IN ONE, B.B.NAILS or NATURAL BASE to protect the nails before applying the colour.

Finally, we recommend applying our TOP COAT to protect and give shine.