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Gel effect

It is composed of Colored Lacquer + Top Coat (must be used together to obtain a gel effect.) The components that form these lacquers act with the incidence of natural light producing a reaction that results in a hardening of the enamel and a greater fixation, thus providing a greater duration and resistance.


COLOR: Gel nail polish specifically formulated to give shine and volume, providing great durability. Possibility to formulate any colour.

  • 3D volume in two coats.
  • Patented oligomer with unique properties that optimises flexibility and protects the colour.
  • Provides extra rich gel-like coverage.
  • Hexanal and bioceramides to harden, strengthen, nourish and lengthen.

BASE AND TOP COAT: Base and Top Coat formulated both to protect bare nails (base) and to provide shine and seal the manicure (top coat), achieving an incredible GEL effect.

  • Nail treatment, base and top coat.
  • High shine, dazzling look.
  • AHA: Restores, rejuvenates and hardens nails.
  • Helps to seal the nail polish and effectively prevents chipping of the manicure.

Steps to follow

We recommend applying a base to protect the nails before applying make-up.
Choose your favorite color and apply one coat. Once the enamel is completely dry, apply a second coat and let it dry.

Base: Apply one coat before nail polish (protection against yellowish stains).
Top Coat: Apply one coat on top of nail polish (seals the colour and prolongs the duration).


The Top Coat must be used with any of the colors that make up this collection to obtain the desired results.