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Categoría: Trends

This summer’s big colour: Soft Yellow

Each time of year, season or fashion has certain colours associated with it. And what if we told you what the trendiest colour is going to be between now and October? And what if we also revealed the You Cosmetics collection that is inspired by this colour? Intrigued?… Keep reading!

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The brush can be more important than the product

For good makeup with a perfect finish, it is essential to use high quality brushes. The choice of brush largely depends on where the makeup is going to be applied and the texture of the product. You Cosmetics puts at your disposal the best brushes: we’ll explain everything about these implements.

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Show off fingernails that are worthy of the Instagram hashtag #tilenail

With the arrival of the good weather, we leave behind dark and muted colours and our nails are filled with cheerful colours. Just like with clothes, printed designs on nails have become an essential trend for spring/summer 2018. So if you want to show off your nails on social media, take note because we are about to tell you.

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