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Show off fingernails that are worthy of the Instagram hashtag #tilenail

With the arrival of the good weather, we leave behind dark and muted colours and our nails are filled with cheerful colours. Just like with clothes, printed designs on nails have become an essential trend for spring/summer 2018. So if you want to show off your nails on social media, take note because we are about to tell you.

One of the styles that is currently making a big impact is what is known as Tilenail. This nail-art movement comes from South Korea and was created by the nail artist Park Eunkyung. It involves painting three-dimensional designs inspired by ceramic tiles and geometric patterns directly onto nails with extremely fine brushes. Some of the designs also feature reliefs and jewels embedded into the nail to give a greater sensation of depth.

So what colours should we use for this nail art? Let your imagination run free: neon, metallic, nude, eye-catching… anything goes. Find a combination of shades that you can use with your clothes in your day-to-day activities and you’ll be able to enjoy the design for longer. If you have a more adventurous style, why not add gemstones and use vibrant colours? If you prefer a more classic look, pastel shades are very elegant.

To find inspiration, you can search for the hashtag #tilenail on social media for lots of patterns and designs. And don’t forget that you can also find ideas in the tiles of your house, in restaurants and on the street. So this spring/summer, don’t stay in; go out to enjoy the good weather and show off those nails.