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Cuticle Remover

Gel with a consistency and viscosity indicated for softening, smoothing and removing dead skin, so that the cuticles can be worked to achieve a clear and uniform contour.


  • Contains glycerine as a moisturiser, to hydrate the cuticles and at the same time soften the nail contour.
  • The product is formulated with a basic pH to soften the cuticles and to be able to work them conveniently, quickly and effectively.

Steps to follow

  • Apply a layer of the product with the brush around the base of the nail and the contour, leave to act for 1 minute.
  • Work the cuticles with the wooden manicure stick to remove the dead skin and then remove the remaining product by washing your hands with soap and water.

Recommended products

If you wish to carry out a manicure afterwards, follow the usual steps, otherwise we recommend applying ALMOND OIL, KERATINE REGENERATOR and/or SENSORIAL GEL.

The use of the orange stick is recommended to remove excess skin.