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Sensorial Gel

Mood-boosting gel, helps to allow the penetration of the active ingredients into the nail plate for total wellness.
Delicious fruity jelly flavors, 4 colors, 4 fruit extracts, 4 benefits.


Mood-boosting gel and sensitive nail and cuticle care.

  • MOISTURISING: Pomegranate, a super fruit rich in vitamin C, moisturises and softens dry nails.
  • NUTRITIVE: Papaya extract, a tropical fruit rich in vitamin A, helps nourish, strengthen and protect nails.
  • SMOOTHING: Pineapple, a radiance-enhancing ingredient, rich in vitamin C and E, protects and restores the nail plate.
  • ANTIOXIDANT: Extract of carambola, a magical fruit, rich in vitamin B – C complex that helps to promote strong and healthy nails.
  • Super refreshing gel texture.
  • Deeply nourishes the nails, creating a protective shield.
  • Thanks to its natural properties it smoothes the nail plate.

Steps to follow

Apply with the help of the brush to the base of the nails and massage for a few minutes on the nails and cuticles until absorbed.

Recommended products

For a perfect result we recommend to previously use our NATURAL EXFOLIANT and our CUTICLE REMOVER.